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How do you heal a wounded spirit? This is the question that has plagued man since the beginning of time. People with wounded spirits wander through life, trying to “fix” what’s wrong, and often falling prey to behaviors that only make their lives more unmanageable. Others comb the self-help shelves for the solution, often with little result. We cannot heal our wounded spirits ourselves, we need God to help us through it. CREATED TO LIVE A BALANCED LIFE: 8 Steps to Holistic Transformation is not a self-help book, but a guide on how to transform our lives through our relationship with Christ.

In many ways, CREATED TO LIVE A BALANCED LIFE parallels my own journey to Holistic Transformation. I have always been a Believer, but that did not mean it was easy for me to find my path to physical, spiritual and mental health. I was driven, determined and dedicated to living a righteous life; however, I often forgot how to care for myself in the process. In short, I was not living in balance. It took having a heart attack while in my twenties to teach me that as a child of God, caring for myself is as important to him as preaching His word. CREATED TO LIVE A BALANCED LIFE flows from that epiphany, and teaches us to love ourselves—and others--as Christ loves us. The way to doing this is balancing the important facets our lives: family, friends, and work, as we as our own spiritual, mental and physical health.

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