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The Greatest Gift

And the Lord restored the fortunes of Job when he had prayed for his friends. And the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. Job 42:10 ESV

My siblings and I have a tradition that is precious to our relationship. Whoever is celebrating a birthday, the others will call to pray for that person. I look forward to having my sisters and my brother pray for me on my birthday. That’s the best gift they could give me. I cherish the experience of hearing them make intercession for me. Our bond has gotten stronger through the years because we pray for each other, always.

Prayer is the greatest gift we can give anyone, particularly those we really love. Prayer is a gift that keeps on giving. I am still reaping the benefits from the prayers that my mother prayed for me when I was a child. Indeed, prayer has no expiration date. It never goes out of style. It’s always timely, always practical, and always useful. Prayer gives us access to places that fame and fortune cannot. It can help open doors that friends cannot.

When we pray for others, we make a personal investment in their well-being that is guaranteed to yield an amazing return. Praying for someone is an expression of care and concern. It is love in action. When people say they are praying for you, pray for them as well so they can be blessed as they are blessing you.

Praying for someone opens the pathway for a special connection with that person. Before His crucifixion, Jesus prayed for His disciples and for all believers. It is that prayer that has been sustaining the Church of Jesus Christ through the ages. Indeed, the gates of hell will never prevail against the Church because Jesus prayed for His Church.

The devil will not prevail against your friends, your spouse, your children, your colleagues, or others in your sphere of influence if you pray for them. I love to pray for others because I know prayer is more precious than gold. This does not mean we should not help people in need with our talents, money, or any other resource we have. Prayer helps our financial investment and our assistance to others go a lot further.

In today’s text, Job prayed for his friends who came to support him during the most challenging season of his life but instead antagonized him for being victimized by the devil. God was angry with Job’s friends because they misrepresented the Lord in their conversation with Job. Despite feeling betrayed by his friends, Job prayed for them so God would have mercy on them.

Many people have been betrayed by family and friends. Their natural reaction is to detach themselves from these people and not have anything to do with them. May I suggest a different approach! Make an investment in prayer for those who betray you. They need prayer more than those who are loyal to you so they can stop hurting others. In Matthew 5:44, Jesus teaches us to pray for those who persecute us. Your prayer can change a person’s heart and attitude.

If you really love your spouse, your girlfriend or boyfriend, or fiancée, pray for that individual. Prayer will not only bless your relationship, but it will also help that individual in more ways than you can otherwise. Parents, pray for your children. It is the best way to guarantee a dynamic future for them. Employers, supervisors, or business leaders, pray for your employees. This is the best way to ensure their productivity. Pray for your friends. A friend who prays for you is a friend who will stand with you through trials and adversity.

Questions for Personal Reflection

What makes prayer the best gift you can give to others?

How many people do you have on your prayer list?

Prayer- Blessed Lord, I thank you for praying for me before ascending to heaven. I now pray for my family and all the people in my sphere of influence. May those who are sick be healed. Please help those who are struggling financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Put a hedge of protection around all the people I am connected with. Please keep the enemy away from them and help them to walk in victory every day.

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