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And the Lord restored the fortunes of Job, when he had prayed for his friends. And the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. Job 42:10

Years ago, I bought a refurbished computer from Dell. Though the computer functioned as well as a new computer, I bought an insurance plan for the computer in case something went wrong so I would not lose my investment completely. The insurance plan included free technical service in case of a malfunction. As the computer got older, I had to use that plan on numerous occasions. The computer did not last as long. However, it was worth the investment.

To refurbish something is to renovate it or to freshen it up. As saved sinners, we have been spiritually refurbished by God through Christ to become his royal priesthood and his holy nation. Our refurbishing process begins at the point where we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. Then the Lord turns us into a new spiritual creation that is fully ensured by the blood of Jesus Christ.

In today’s text, the Lord restored the fortunes of Job. After losing his children, his fortunes, Job lost his spiritual perspective. His hardships had overwhelmed his spiritual senses. He became hopeless and lost the joy of his salvation. Job needed spiritual renovation.

Many of us are worn out by the issues of life. In some cases, the loss of a loved one, prolonged sickness, or financial hardships, or failed relationships can embitter our souls. Some people have been battered by addiction or an affliction and need to be restored. Some of the most powerful testimonies come from those who have been refurbished by God. The woman caught in adultery that was pardoned by Jesus became one of his disciples and benefactors. After Peter betrayed Jesus three times, he was refurbished by the Lord and became the foremost apostle in the New Testament Church.

God uses those he refurbishes to his glory. Notwithstanding the mistakes we have made, God can refurbish us to impact the world for Christ. He wants to take out old habits, sinful practices, ungodly relationships, and destructive lifestyles to become his royal priesthood.

The latter part of Job’s life was better than the former. In the same way, we can become more fruitful and effective in the work of ministry if we allow God to refurbish us through his Holy Spirit. Our relationships can be refurbished as well as our spiritual appetite. The Almighty awaits our invitation to remake us into his godly image. He stands at the door knocking. Those who let him in will be made anew according to his glorious purpose for their lives.

Prayer- Blessed Lord, have mercy upon those who are rebelling against your Holy Spirit. Please give them the wisdom to repent so they can be refurbished unto righteousness.

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