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On the appointed day, Herod donned his royal robes, sat on his throne, and addressed the people. And they began to shout, “This is the voice of a god, not a man!” Acts 12:23 Berean Study Bible

Many people make a living as motivational speakers. Some people have become very wealthy and famous as motivational speakers. The motivational speaking industry blossomed in the US at the beginning of this century. Some people pay much money to hear “celebrity” motivational speakers.

Many of those celebrity speakers are gifted orators that are skilled at motivating other individuals to achieve the fullness of their potential. These motivational speakers can paint a picture with words. They know how to empower individuals to envision their best selves.

Herod must have been a great motivational speaker as well. In today’s text, it is said that Herod gave such a stirring speech that the people “began to shout; this is the voice of a god, not a man!” Luke does not tell us what Herod said in his speech. What we are told is that Herod was eating by worms because he did not give praise to God.

The Bible is the best and most excellent motivational speech that anyone can use. Jesus was the most exceptional motivational speaker. It is God who gives the skill and ability for someone to be considered a great orator. The word of God not only motivates, but it also encourages, empowers, edifies, instructs, and makes one wise unto righteousness. We discover our purpose and our true identity as children of the living God in the word of God.

It is in the word we learn that we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37). In the Old Testament, the Jewish kings motivated hundreds of thousands of people to go to war by reading the word of God and hearing from the prophets of God. The children of Israel were motivated to exit out of Egyptian bondage by Moses, who simply repeated what the Lord told him to say.

If we really want to motivate others, we simply have to dig into the word of God and remind people of what it says. After all, that is what pastors and preachers do. We remind people of what God says in his word.

Every Christian is a motivational speaker. Our motivational speech can be called a sermon or testimony. Our goal is to let other people know they can realize their best selves through a right relationship with God. We readily use the Bible to help people understand God’s divine will for their lives. When we do, the lame can walk, the blind regain their sight, and the captives are set free.

The word of God motivates us to pursue godliness and to cultivate holiness. Because of the word of God, Christian men are motivated to become godly husbands, and Christian women are encouraged to become godly wives. It is the word of God that instructs us to raise our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

On this day set aside to celebrate one of the best orators of our time, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., let us think about the impact we can have on the world by proclaiming the word of God and living it out for others to see. Dr. King used the word of God to usher a new era of Civil rights for African Americans. He motivated America to dream of a better and more equitable nation anchored on the principles of justice and equity. How can you use the word of God to transform the world for Christ?

Prayer- Blessed Lord, thank you for giving us the perfect speech to share with anyone at any time for anything. Help us to graciously and purposely share that motivational word to impact the world for Christ.

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