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Making The Best of Every Opportunity

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:15-16

Last night, the Kansa City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in the National Football League (NFL). This was their second Super Bowl win in four years. The Philadelphia Eagles on the other hand, won their only Super Bowl in team history in 2017. Getting to the Super Bowl is challenging. The team who are fortunate enough to make it to that point try to make the best of that opportunity. Unfortunately, only one team can win the ultimate prize (Vance Lombardi Trophy). Those who don’t are made to regret their missed opportunity as they look forward to another brutal football season.

In today’s text, believers are exhorted to make the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Believers can only do that with the help of the Holy Spirit. Our steps have to be ordered by God, our hearts have to be sensitized to His Spirit, and our minds have to be renewed by the message of Jesus Christ. Then, our light will shine for the world to see the Christ that is in us as we proclaim the name of Jesus.

What does it mean to make the best of every opportunity? Every conversation and every encounter are opportunities to do Jesus’ great commission work. Those who are retired have an opportunity to mentor younger people, help feed the hungry, volunteer at a homeless shelter more readily, and help their local church more willingly. Believers who are not yet retired have an opportunity to witness at their place of employment. They also have an opportunity to transform the culture of their workplace and help instill a spirit of teamwork, kindness, generosity, and excellence by their gospel saturated work ethic.

Parents have an opportunity to train up their children according to the word of God as the future of the Church. Husbands and wives have an opportunity to demonstrate to themselves and to others the benefits of living in a relationship of loving union with God in the ministry of marriage. They should serve one another with humility and compassion to the glory of God as they strengthen the bond of their marital relationship.

Those in any type of Christian ministry have an opportunity to help their local church expand its vision and mission by doing the great commission work daily. Each church member have an opportunity to be the heart, hand, mouth, eyes, and feet of God by serving those in need, reaching out to those they have not seen, caring for the less fortunate, and invest time, talent, and resources to make disciples for Jesus. The Church of Jesus Christ have an opportunity to be that place where the weary and the lost can come to find the peace that only Christ can give. We do so by overcoming the spirit of denominationalism and sectarianism, racism and classism that is hindering the unity in the Church.

We live in a sinful world with many suffering and hurting people. Every day is an opportunity for us to help those who are hurting know that God has not forsaken them. Today, we all have an opportunity to let the homeless know they are not worthless. Many brothers and sisters are lingering in prison for crimes they did not commit or for minor infractions because they cannot afford an attorney. We have an opportunity to let these brothers and sisters know they are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that God still care for them. Many young people are looking for love in all the wrong places. Consequently, many of them join gangs and become social outcasts. Those who can should take the opportunity to mentor a young person to help them find meaning and purpose in life.

The text exhorts us to be careful how we live—not as unwise, but as wise. Wise believers invest in their prayer life. They make the best of every opportunity to pray fervently and effectually, and study the word of God. In the same way, we should make the best of every opportunity to worship corporately with other brothers and sisters, just as the saints in Acts 2:42-46 did. Opportunities to live godly abound. The question is how are we making the best of these opportunities.

Questions for Personal Reflection

How are you making the best of your opportunity to become a mature disciple of Jesus?

How can you use your God-given opportunity to help those in need?

Prayer- Blessed Lord, I thank you for the opportunities you gave me to proclaim your gospel of truth. Please help me to make the best of every opportunity to feed the hunger, clothe the naked, and visit those in prison. Sensitize my heart to your Holy Spirit so I can make the best of every opportunity to draw closer to you through prayer and meditation.

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