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Be still, and know that I [am] God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10

Those of us who are parents know how difficult it is for small kids to be still. One of the worst punishments you can administer to smaller children is making them stand in the corner for a long time. Children want to move about. They have to expand all that youthful energy.

As children of God, we too grow restless and fidgety. We have a problem with waiting on God. And we don’t know how to leave good enough alone. As soon as God bail us out of one mess, we get into another one. As soon as we pay off one credit card, we max out another one. As soon as we resolve one fight with our spouse, we start another one. As soon as we get one job, we want another one. As soon as we come from one vacation, we want a vacation for the vacation. It just never ends.

But the Lord exhorts us to “Be still, and know that I am God.” That means: when the bills are overdue, and the phone can’t stop ringing, please be still. When our strength is greater than our weakness, we have to be still. When our enemy rises against us, we have to be still. When sickness and death invade our homes, we have to be still.

Know that God is God. He doesn’t make mistakes. He majors in the impossible and minors in the improbable. He is God. There is not a problem that He cannot solve or an individual that He cannot reach. He is God. There is no limit to His power and no barrier to His limitless love. He is God. We need to know that so we can take everything to Him in prayer.

Whereas many people in the brown and black community are weary and frustrated with their ongoing oppression, they need to know that justice delayed is not justice denied. They have to pray for the strength to wait on the Lord and be of courage, while America is made to deal with its history of racism and segregation. No sin will go unpunished, and the just wrath of God will consume those who covertly or overtly condone injustice.

God will be exalted even among the heathen. He can make our enemies behave. The world is His and everything in it. No one will rob Him of His glory. He will be exalted in every situation. God will confound the wise and make the foolish transcendentally clever. He will be exalted in politics and social issues. God will be exalted in the church-house and even in the Whitehouse. He is God. The Lord reigns supreme and is sovereign. He will be exalted in the Courthouse and on Wall Street. He controls the Bull and Bear market. He’s in charge of the Japanese Nikkei 225, the Hong Kong Hang Seng, the Australian ASX 100, The British FTSE 100, The German DAX, and the Canadian TSE 300, to name a few.

He will be exalted in Minneapolis, Ferguson, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. He will be exalted in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. After all, who can stop Him? So be still brothers and sisters, and know that He is God no matter what you are going through. Be patient and trust in the Lord with all your heart. He is God. The Lord has made provisions for us before the foundation of the world. He is God. He knows all about us, even down to a single cell in our bodies.

Let us, therefore, take our burdens to Him in prayer. We should take our depression to Him in meditation and take our financial hardships to Him in supplication, and let Him be exalted in our situations as the sovereign God that He is. Let Him repair our brokenness, restore our hope, renew our joy, remove our pains, remake our lives, and release our breakthroughs. He is God. And He will be exalted over the earth.

Prayer- Father, may we learn to be still when life's storms come our way.

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