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God Made a Way

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 ESV


Each morning, a woman walked to her front gate and shouted, "Praise the Lord!" And each time the atheist next door would yell back, "There is no Lord!" One day she prayed, "Lord, I'm hungry. Please send me some food." The following morning, she discovered a big bag of groceries on her front porch. "Praise the Lord," she shouted. Suddenly, her neighbor jumped from behind a bush. "I told you there was no Lord," he said. "I bought those groceries for you." "Praise the Lord!" the woman said. "He not only sent me groceries, but He also made the devil pay for them."

God always provide for those who trust in Him. His timing is always perfect, and His resources are unlimited. God is faithful in meeting the needs of His children. Therefore, we should not grow faint or weary in times of scarcity. Instead, we should ask and trust He will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory.

When the children of Israel faced a Red Sea as they tried to exit out of Egypt with a hostile army pursuing them, God made a way in the middle of the sea. God is still making ways today. At times we go through life’s tests and don’t know how we are going to get through them. When it looks as if we will be defeated, God always make a way. Even in the direst circumstances, God is working everything out for our good and making a way for us to be delivered.

The Lord is not only our supplier, but He is also our supply. Everything we need He supplies. All good and perfect gifts come from the Lord. He lavishes His grace and mercy upon His children morning by morning. Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to acknowledge How God is making a way for us. At times we assume because the sickness is not healed, for example, God has forsaken us. Or, if the house is foreclosed, we think God does not care about us. When some people go through unemployment or financial hardship, they may feel defeated and lose hope. But if they can only look back over their lives, they would realize that God is faithful in His providential love. He will not forsake those whose hope is built on His righteousness.

In truth, you are where you are by the grace of God. No matter how bad your circumstances may seem, cry out to God so you can access His provisions. The story is told of a pastor who needed $1 million for the building his church was purchasing. The settlement date was getting closer and closer. He just kept praying. Then the day before settlement date an envelope arrived in the mail. It was a check for $1 million. The pastor said, "Lord, why didn't you send this earlier?" The Lord said, "You didn't need it earlier."

Just because you do not have what you are asking God for does not mean He hasn’t provided it. Lest you forget, God sees the past, the present, and the future at the same time. God is too wise to make any mistakes. His timing is always perfect and designed to bring glory to His name alone. Therefore, we should remain persistent in prayer and trust that He will make a way for us somehow.

The Lady in today’s illustration trusted God to make a way for her in everything. When she prayed for God to provide food for her hunger, she expected God to supply that need. She did not know how God was going to do. But she knew it would be done. Indeed, God supplied that need by having an atheist to provide the groceries.

That’s exactly what Paul is saying to the saints at Philippi. Even though he was under house arrest in Rome, Paul knew God could supply all the needs of the Philippian saints. Though life was difficult for many of the Philippian saints, Paul reminded them that God will make a way for them somehow and supply all their needs.

What do you need God to do for you today? Do you trust Him to make a way for you? Things will only turn around for you when you start trusting and believing that God can and will make a way for you. So, don’t stop praying and don’t stop asking no matter how challenging things may become. Just, “trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him,” and He will make a way for you.

Questions for Personal Reflection

How has God made a way for you this month?

Why is it important to trust God in times of scarcity?

Prayer- Blessed Father, I thank you for making a way for me and my family. When my back was against the proverbial wall, and it looked as if it was over, you made a way. When doors were closed, you made a way. When money was scarce and hope was fading, you made a way. I am standing here today because of your faithfulness, your grace and your mercy. Father, please don’t ever let me forget how good you’ve been to me. Thank you for being a loving and merciful God, all by yourself.

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