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Bigger is Not Necessarily Better

As the Philistine moved closer to attack him, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him. Reaching into his bag and taking out a stone, he slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead. The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell facedown on the ground. 1 Samuel 17:48-49


The Maricopa Harvester Ant has the most toxic venom in the world. It can induce intense pain that lasts over four hours with just one little pinch. Their venom is so strong that it can kill a 4.5-pound rat with just 12 stings. Their attack method is just as vicious: These Arizonian natives grip onto their victim with their mandibles and pivot around the targeted area, resulting in multiple bites. What's more, their venom gives off an alarm pheromone that triggers a response from nearby ants.

When the Philistines marched against the Israelites, they were overly confident because they were being led by the giant Goliath. The Israelites did not have anyone in their army with the size and ferocity of Goliath. His height was about 7 feet 10 inches. He wore a coat of scale armor of bronze weighing 125 pounds. Goliath taunted the armies of Israel daily. But none of the Hebrew soldiers had the courage to face Goliath one on one.

When David came to the Israelites’ camp to bring food for his brothers, he heard how Goliath was ridiculing and taunting the Israelites. David was a teenager between the ages of 16-19. He was probably about 5 feet tall or less. With no military background or battlefield experience, this teenager volunteered to challenge the giant. He successfully defeated the giant with just five smooth stones.

Ultimately, Goliath’s size did not intimidate David, nor did he guarantee him victory over his smaller opponent. Like the Maricopa Harvester Ant, David attacked his bigger opponent with such deadly precision that the giant fell with just one strike of a stone to his forehead. Goliath’s strength was his size. But David’s strength was his faith and trust in God. The giant’s size did not make him better than David. But David’s faith gave him an improbable victory that will echo in eternity.

Many of the giants we face are seemingly too formidable for us to defeat. Giants like cancer, depression, economic hardships, addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, physical and sexual abuse, or a dysfunctional marriage can cause us to panic and feel defeated. Never forget, however, that your particular giant has been defeated by someone else. Be careful not to make your giant bigger than it already is. And do not underestimate the power that resides in you.

David marched against his giant in the name of the Lord of Israel. Thus, he was able to defeat his giant without a sword and shield. Giants are made to be slain. When facing our giants our focus should not be on their size, but on our faith and trust in God. Everything is possible for those with faith in God. All we need is the faith of a mustard seed to defeat a formidable giant.

Questions for Personal Reflection

Why do you feel like your giant is too big to be defeated?

What have you learned from David about defeating a bigger opponent?

Prayer- Blessed Lord, please give me the faith to face my giants with spiritual confidence and not fear. May I not back down from my giants and not get intimated by their sizes! Please give me the boldness of David so I can stand my ground against any giant in the name of Jesus.

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