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God is Still at Work

For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure. Philippians 2:13 ESV

Many people suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases wonder if God is still healing at this age. Indeed, there are times when life’s circumstances tempt us to wonder if God is still hearing our prayers. At times many believers wonder if God is still aware of the suffering and wickedness in the world. With so many people dying of hunger every day, mass shootings, unnecessary military conflicts, divorces, and so many other distresses that plague so many people throughout the world, it is no wonder a growing number of people wonder if God even exists.

Notwithstanding how difficult and agonizing things may seem for so many people in the world, God is still at work. The Almighty has not and will not give up on His creation. Yes, God is still at work in defeating cancer and other forms of terminal diseases. God is still at work against poverty, racism, oppression, classism, and sexism. God is still working to save souls. He is working to turn liars into preachers, murderers into evangelists, racists into uniters, and atheists into proclaimers of Jesus Christ.

God is at work in the government, the economy, the justice system, and certainly in the Church. The Lord will continue to work until the return of Jesus Christ to rapture His Church. When we cannot see or understand what God is doing in our lives or the world, we need to pray and ask for understanding and discernment. I know it can be frustrating for believers when they cannot see what God is doing or how the Almighty is working on their behalf, but the Lord asks us to trust Him and lean not unto our understanding. We should trust that God loves us too much to give up on us.

Since God is always at work in the world, why is it so difficult for us to see His works at times? Because we grow impatient, lose our faith, and start believing the lies the enemy is whispering in our ears. The enemy wants us to think that God has forsaken us. But the truth in the matter is that God is never too far from us. Our needs and well-being are His priorities. He never takes His eyes off His creation. He is working to save the environment from pollution and global warming. The Lord is working to save endangered species. Despite the vast number of people who are food insecure, God is still feeding the hungry. He is still setting the captives free and saving the lost souls.

Believers should never give up on God no matter how frustrated we become. At times, we may become discouraged and perplexed, but we are not forsaken. Therefore, we know that all things will work together for our good no matter the trials we face. Even when the disease is terminal, God is still at work. When there is not enough money to pay the bills, God is at work.

Lift up your head to the heavens and cry out to your Father in heaven because He knows all your struggles and is working on your behalf. To those who have been wrongly accused and incarcerated with a long prison sentence, God is at work on your behalf. He knows you are not guilty, and He sees the injustice you are forced to endure. Single mothers who are struggling to raise their children and facing many adversities should know that God is working on their behalf.

The world can be a very cold and difficult place to live for many people. Some are on the verge of giving up on themselves and God. They have lost their faith and desire to live. The darkness in the world is overwhelming their joy and wounding their spirits. Yet, I declare boisterously that God is still at work. Let us, therefore, look to God who is the author and finisher of our faith, and know that He will never stop working to transform this world into His heavenly kingdom.

Questions for Personal Reflection

How is God at work in your life?

How can you help non-believers to know that God is at work?

Prayer- Blessed Lord, thank you for continuing to work in the world and my life. When I am struggling against the challenges of life, please remind me to trust that you are at work on my behalf through Jesus Christ my Savior.

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