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Created To Live A Balanced Life

How do you heal a wounded spirit? This is the question that has plagued man since the beginning of time. People with wounded spirits wander through life, trying to “fix” what’s wrong, and often falling prey to behaviors that only make their lives more unmanageable. Others comb the self-help shelves for the solution, often with little result. We cannot heal our wounded spirits ourselves, we need God to help us through it. CREATED TO LIVE A BALANCED LIFE: 8 Steps to Holistic Transformation is not a self-help book, but a guide on how to transform our lives through our relationship with Christ.
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Balanced Living

Balanced living is a life style predicated upon a commitment to live in the fullness of God. It’s a constant challenge to achieve balance in our fast-paced society where our days fly by in a blur of obligations, a depressing 24-hour news cycle, and an increasing demand for immediate gratification. When we are pulled in so many different directions, it is hard to give our all to anything, and every aspect of our life suffers.

Many of us are out of balance. We walk around in pain, whether from childhood hurts, a failed marriage, or even time spent in prison. Financial burdens, exacerbated by a troubled economy, only add to our stress. As a result, we move through our lives feeling lost and out of control.

The balance we need can only be achieved as we endeavor to live with a regenerated spirit, think with a renewed mind, and maintain a rejuvenated body. It is only when the different aspects of our existential reality synchronize with each other under the umbrella of the Holy Spirit that balanced living begins to take shape and abundance becomes inevitable. The right balance will help us to have peace in the midst of uncertainty, physical wellness when existential crises abound, and joy when the tragedies of life knock on the door of our hearts.

The more balanced we are the more we have to offer to this unbalanced world. A balanced life is lived with transparency and integrity. It is based on honesty with self and with God. It is driven by a sacrificial love for others that makes us willing to get out of our comfort zone to embrace the diversity of God’s creation for the sake of harmony and fellowship.

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