The Majesty of God

Posted By: Dieuner Joseph | Tuesday, November 05, 2019

The LORD reigns, He is clothed with majesty; The LORD has clothed and girded Himself with strength. Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved. Psalm 93:1

The word majesty is defined as “royal power” or “impressive stateliness” in Webster’s dictionary. The Bible defines majesty as “sovereign power, authority, greatness or splendor of quality of character.” The idea is that of sovereign authority and power with supremacy and dominion.

It is impossible to envision the majesty of God. In fact, the word majesty is an insult to God because it cannot capture the Divine essence and cosmological Omnipotence of Almighty God. Isaiah was in awe when he was given a glimpse of the majesty of God in Isaiah 6:1-10. In 2 Corinthians 12:2-4, Paul talks about a man who was caught up to Paradise. The things he heard were too sacred for words, things that man was not permitted to tell. Revelation 21 and 22 give us the visual about a new heaven and a new earth where God’s splendor will replace the light of the sun. Wow!

In Judaism, it is not permitted to say the name of God. The Jews believe God is so awesome and majestic that to mention his name is to show contempt and disrespect to the Almighty. Yet, so many people use the word “God” to curse others. Oh, how I wish people understood and reverenced the majesty of God.

It is because of the majesty of God that demons flee from his servants. The heavens and the earth acquiesce to and celebrate the majesty of God as they operate according to their creational design. The Psalmist declares that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, precisely because we are made in the image of a majestic God (Psalm 139:14).

God’s majesty makes us overcomers. It is because of his majesty that everything will work for our good. When we take our burdens, or diseases, or hardships, or struggles, or brokenness to his throne of grace through prayer, we find mercy and grace to help us because he reigns over all things with power and authority.

Let us, therefore, live with confidence and not fear as we reverence the majesty of God. Those who feel defeated should run to the Lord, who is clothed with majesty. Behold, the Lord cannot fail, nor will he ever grow weary. He is girded with strength, and there is no weakness in him. The heavens and the earth worship Him, demons flee from Him; disasters hide from Him, and the devil is in awe of Him. At the sound of his voice, the sun and the moon retreats into their canopy. His luminosity eclipses the brightness of the stars.

God is enduringly strong and entirely supreme. He is eternally steadfast and immortally faithful. God is imperially powerful and impartially merciful. He is indescribable and incomprehensible. He is invincible and irresistible. There is no gauge to measure God’s limitless love and no barrier to block his blessing.

Even if I had the poetic acumen of Shakespeare, I would not be able to articulate the splendor of God’s majesty. Though I had the gift of oration like Pericles or Demosthenes, I would not be able to describe the majesty of God. Since human words are inadequate to describe the Lord’s majesty, I will give him all my worship.

Prayer- Blessed Lord, we bow down in worship of your majesty. Let everyone who believes in you find strength in your majesty and purpose in Sovereignty.

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Rev. Dieuner Joseph is a dynamic leader, disciple Maker, Writer, Talk Show host, and Spiritual counselor. Reverend Joseph is the founder of the Imani Temple Baptist Church and the Disciple Maker Ministry. He is a skilled Bible teacher who carefully and responsibly exegete the Scriptures to make them relevant to today’s readers. Through his Blog and weekly Christian magazine- The Wednesday Word- he seeks to provide Bible based instructions for dealing with the socio-political issues of today.

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