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Posted By: Dieuner Joseph | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Our steps are made firm by the LORD, when he delights in our way; though we stumble, we shall not fall headlong, for the LORD holds us by the hand. Psalm 37:23-24 (NRSV)

When the police suspect that a person is driving while intoxicated, they give him or her a sobriety test. During that test, they ask the person to walk in a straight line to see if they would stumble. In most cases, when the person is intoxicated, they are not able to walk straight because the alcohol impairs their faculties.

In the same way, sin has impaired our ability to walk righteously. Thus, we are all walking and living under the influence of our sinful nature. It is only when God orders our steps that we can walk in the path of righteousness and overcome our sinful nature.

The Holy Spirit makes us spiritually sober so we can be sensitized to the things of God and walk in the Lord’s will. He makes us aware of spiritual pitfalls and gives us the wisdom we need to make sound decisions so we would not self-destruct. The Holy Spirit informs and influences the way we think so we can practice our faith with a renewed mind.

In today’s text, the Psalmist is teaching the assembly practical life’s lessons with spiritual implications. He reminds the people of God that their steps are made firm by the Lord when he delights in their way. Other translations say,” The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord.” The word “ordered” comes from the Hebrew word that is translated, “to be firmly established, be securely determined, or be steadfast.” In other words, when God delights in the way that we operate, he firmly establishes our steps. Though we stumble, we shall not fall headlong.

David makes it clear in the Psalm that just because we are followers of God does not mean we are not going to stumble. Believers experience that same slings and arrows of time as non-believers do. We operate under the influence of sin, just like non-believers. It is only our thirst for God and hunger for righteousness that prompts the Lord to establish our steps firmly.

Those whose steps are established firmly will walk in repentance and not willful disobedience. They will cultivate a life of spiritual reconciliation instead of indifference to sin. When God orders our steps, we are quick to come back to the secret place of the Most High, and we try our best to abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

During my prayer walk this morning, my spirit began to sin “order my steps in your word, dear Lord.” Then I heard my soul echoing the song from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir that says, “Lead me, guide me, every day. Send your anointing father, I pray." This is indeed the anthem of my soul. I realize that I stumble more often than I should. Yet I try to cultivate a life of loving union with God so my ways can be pleasing to him.

The rest of the song says: “Humbly I ask Thee, teach me Thy will. While you are working, I will keep still. Satan is busy. God is real. Order my steps in your word. I want to walk worthy, my calling to fulfill. Yes, order my steps, Lord and I will do your blessed will.”

We all need God to order our steps so we can do his blessed will. Our spiritual senses are often impaired by our sinful desires, our pride, and the lust of the flesh. But, if we confess our sins, the Lord is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). Then our steps will be firmly established by the Lord so we can fulfill our God-giving calling.

Prayer- Blessed Lord, I pray for the many who are intoxicated by the sins of this world and are stumbling their way through life. May their steps be established firmly by your Holy Spirit.

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Rev. Dieuner Joseph is a dynamic leader, disciple Maker, Writer, Talk Show host, and Spiritual counselor. Reverend Joseph is the founder of the Imani Temple Baptist Church and the Disciple Maker Ministry. He is a skilled Bible teacher who carefully and responsibly exegete the Scriptures to make them relevant to today’s readers. Through his Blog and weekly Christian magazine- The Wednesday Word- he seeks to provide Bible based instructions for dealing with the socio-political issues of today.

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