The Value Of A Virtuous Woman

Posted By: Dieuner Joseph | Saturday, October 27, 2012

By now I’m sure most people have heard of the 20 year old Brazilian woman Catarina Migliorini who sold her virginity for $780,000 on ebay. As repulsive and morally bankrupt her action is; she is not solely to be blamed. Society at large and the culture of sexual promiscuity that it so freely endorsed should be blamed as well.

The fact remains that the virtue of a woman has always been a commodity to be sold in our male dominated world. After all, it is not a coincidence that prostitution remains the oldest profession. Many women develop low self-esteem and ambiguous attitudes towards their body because they are often objectified as though they are the sum of sexual body parts created for the sexual gratification of men.

What’s worst, there is a tendency to equate femininity with sexuality and sensuality. The attractiveness of a woman is often misrepresented solely on the basis of her physicality and the sensual aura she projects. Hence, many men are taught to desire women on a sensual/sexual level without any concern to the depth of their essence as a spiritual being created to complement men because of their quintessential role as the gatekeepers of the procreative enterprise of the almighty God.

Many men don’t have any remorse about having multiple female partners. Some men think it is a sign of their manhood to sleep with as many women as possible. And while some in society may frown upon that behavior, it is generally accepted as part of the “boys will be boys” legend. But when a woman acts in a similar fashion, she is often vilified and stigmatized.

It is men (some, not all) who are dishonoring women and robbing them of their virtue with their sexual predator mentality. Until most of us men in the West are willing to display self-control and elevate the value of chastity by abstaining from sex until marriage, we don’t have the moral credibility to chastise that Brazilian lady. It is because our society is so overly sexualized that this lady feels it is acceptable to auction her virginity. The only way to counteract that mindset is by preaching and practicing sexual morality; and by frowning upon anything that demeans women.

The level of disrespect and disregard for women is nauseating and detrimental to our survival as a specie. “There was actually a poll taken by of about 15,000 women and it turned out over 60 percent of them answered they were sexually abused as a child.”  According to a groundbreaking study by the CDC, nearly 1 in 5 American women have been victims of rape or sexual abuse.[1] Around the world,

  • Two million girls aged 5 to 15 are taken into the commercial sex trade every year.[2]
  • Some 130 million girls and young women have undergone female genital mutilation.[3]
  • An estimated 4 million women and girls are bought and sold worldwide each year, either into marriage, prostitution or slavery.

    So before we cast the first stone at this Brazilian beauty who sold her virginity to the highest bidder on e-bay, we need to think about our duplicity in creating a culture where that woman self-worth is so dysfunctional that she would sell her virginity in a public auction. The fact is, every time we ogle at a woman’s body, as men, we are perpetuating that culture of misogyny. Every time we indulge ourselves in X rated and R rated movies, frequent pornographic sites, look at pornographic magazines, cheat on our girl friends or wives, physically abuse a woman, and acquiesce to the “old boy network” which pays a woman less than a man for the same position, we are assenting to the objectifying of women as sex creatures.

    Women are better than that and should be treated accordingly. Fathers and husbands should speak out against sexual abuse of women with more consistency and intensity. Male politicians should not be allowed to pass legislations concerning female reproduction issues. We should speak out against disparity in wages between men and women. We should repudiate and chastise Hollywood for misrepresenting women as sex objects. There should be a vociferous outcry against the adult entertainment industry and the legalization of prostitution.

    It is hypocritical for us to criticize that Brazilian lady for selling her virginity, but at the same time not teaching young boys to abstain from sexual activity until they are ready for marriage. Any man who is incensed by the action of that Brazilian lady, but won’t stop watching indecent movies, stop listening to sexually explicit lyrics, and stop fantasizing about women body parts is insincere in his outrage.

    We need to support women who know their true worth and refuse to be objectified. We have to help debunk the myth that the true place of a woman is in the kitchen “bare foot and pregnant.” We have to be forthright as men and look at our duplicity in creating a world where women are still viewed as second class beings.

    A woman is more than the sum of her parts. She is a work of Divine ingenuity. No other creature on earth is as radiant, capricious, sensuous and lovely as she is. God made her to be as soft as silk and yet she is resilient enough to endure the pains of childbirth. She is more mysterious than the Pyramids of Egypt, yet she simply wants to love and be loved. She is resourceful and intuitive, yet she is beholden to her mate. 

    The fact that God would bequeath such a precious gift to men is a mystery. And the respect and honor with which a man treats a woman is a gift back to God. God favors a man who honors the virtue of a woman.  Every time a man provides for, protects and makes a woman feel loved, he is writing a thank you note to God for the gift of a woman.

    In the same vein, no greater gift can a woman give to a man (in marriage only) than her virtue and purity. A virtuous woman knows how to be alluring to her husband without tantalizing other men.  She knows how to love, respect, honor, and submit to her husband without losing her identity as his better half.

    As men we have to be protective of women, circumspect in our treatment of them, and be committed to their safety against the predators which would otherwise demean and abuse them. Then and only then, can we be outraged by any attempt at retailing the virtue of virginity.



    [3] Some 130 million girls and young women have undergone female genital mutilation.

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