Claiming your abundance

Posted By: Dieuner Joseph | Thursday, October 25, 2012

 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly. John 10:10 

Most of us don’t understand the degree to which spiritual powers and principalities are determined to keep us in bondage of spiritual ignorance by wreaking havoc on our faith. These spiritual powers are also committed to our physical destruction, spiritual destitution, and emotional desperation. They are unimpressed with our social standing, impervious to our religiosity, undaunted by our accomplishments. Their ultimate goal is to steal, kill, and destroy. They want to steal our joy, kill our hope and destroy our God-given peace. The only thing that can stop them is faith in Christ Jesus and a disciplined life lived with balance. Therefore, it is imperative that we nurture a regenerated spirit from which we can draw the spiritual strength to resist those spiritual powers, think with a renewed mind in order to combat thoughts of despair and defeat; and practice good stewardship of our bodies, which is our reasonable act of worship.

Too many people are living in defeat instead of victory, and with fear instead of faith. Some of us have to prevent these spiritual forces from stealing our peace of mind. We have to prevent them from killing our relationship with God and with others; and stop them from destroying our physical health.

How do we do that? We do it with the power of prayer, personal discipline, and balanced living. Prayer is an offensive weapon that does more than just put these spiritual powers to flight. It gives us personal confidence and helps to cement our resolve to live an abundant life.

Living an abundant life is feasible for anyone who is willing to discipline mind, body and spirit in order to achieve balance. Without discipline, we make ourselves more susceptible to physical disease, mental breakdown, and spiritual attacks. It takes more than faith to live the abundant life. We have to get our minds, bodies and spirits ready for action, being self-disciplined, as we set our hope completely on the grace to be brought to us at the revelation of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:13). That means we have to be committed to the theology of balanced living. That also means that beyond prayer, we have to be committed to physical wellness and avoid stressors that can cause mental breakdown.

Balanced living is not an ideology that should be advocated.  Rather it is a theology to be preached; one that is in line with Jesus’ teaching about the abundant life that can only be experienced through Him. It is a life affirming, joy giving, relationship developing, and transformative. When practiced consistently and holistically, the balanced living theology enriches the mind, invigorates the body and empowers the spirit.

All human beings are created equal and endowed with the right to abundant living, the liberty to enjoy that life, and the pursuit of holistic transformation. The key is to move forward in confidence to claim that abundance, which is our God-given right through Christ Jesus.

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Rev. Dieuner Joseph is a dynamic leader, disciple Maker, Writer, Talk Show host, and Spiritual counselor. Reverend Joseph is the founder of the Imani Temple Baptist Church and the Disciple Maker Ministry. He is a skilled Bible teacher who carefully and responsibly exegete the Scriptures to make them relevant to today’s readers. Through his Blog and weekly Christian magazine- The Wednesday Word- he seeks to provide Bible based instructions for dealing with the socio-political issues of today.

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